Orthodox Ohrid Archbishopric
Holy Synod of Bishops


The Court of First Instance in Veles has sentenced His Beatitude, Archbishop of Ohrid and Metropolitan of Skopje kyr kyr Jovan, in his absence, to a prison term of two years and six months for a criminal act of “Embezzlement”. Apart from this, the Court ruled that Archbishop Jovan is to pay damage to the schismatic MOC in value of 14,804,211 Denars which equals to around 240,000 Euro. In which manner has the Court determined exactly this amount, considering the schismatic MOC requested a payoff of 20,083,000 Denars, namely 330,000 Euro, is known only to the Court.

The expertise, however, proved that the Archbishop has not kept even a single Denar to himself, and everything that has been purchased during the time he was responsible for the Eparchies, where he was a Bishop, remained inventory of the schismatic MOC. For this reason, he was already twice acquitted by the Court of First Instance, but the Court of Appeals returned the case for a retrial.

There is now in R. Macedonia no one who is unfamiliar with the fact that the trials against the Archbishop are politically motivated and with political background.

One thing is certain – the schismatic MOC will not be able to have any negotiations regarding its status, until under their influence the state authorities are persecuting Archbishop Jovan.